Announcement of the exhibition WIRE-FRAME in Osaka.

WIRE-FRAME in Osaka”, an exhibition with three artists, will be held at page gallery in Matsuya-cho from November 25 (Thu) to 27 (Sat), co-hosted by frame maker Arna and wire hardware maker Arak

Announcement of the exhibition 4D DRAWING.

The “4D DRAWING” exhibition was held in Tokyo in June 2021 and was a great success.We are pleased to announce that the Osaka exhibition will be held this time.  In this exhibition, Do

The disinfectant stand “Submarine” won the Good Design Award in 2021.

The disinfectant stand “Submarine”, which was jointly developed by the metal processing company SETTSUKINZOKU KOUGYOSYO Co., Ltd. (Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture), and our company wo

KAIRI EGUCHI DESIGN will be incorporated as KAIRI EGUCHI STUDIO (Kairi Eguchi Studio Co., Ltd.).

To everyone who’s been supporting for always, On October 1st, 2008, KAIRI EGUCHI DESIGN started with a PC, a printer, and a landline phone, with a desk in the corner of the kitchen at my home. Since t

We have joined the Osaka Startup Accelerator System (OSAS) as a design participant.

We have joined the Osaka Startup Accelerator System (OSAS), a new initiative for startups organized by System Device Technology Co. OSAS PROJECT

I joined SASI Inc. as a design partner.


Serpentinata has won a Silver Award at the A’DESIGN AWARD.

Serpentinata” has been awarded the Silver prize at the international competition “A’DESIGN AWARD” held in Como, Italy. We would like to thank all the people involved. https://c

The final presentation of the Design Integration Promotion Project has been uploaded to YouTube.

The Kobe City Government has been working on the “Management and Design Integration Promotion Project” for the past four years. Nine companies in Kobe City and five designers from the Kans

We will run a booth at “NEW NORMAL, NEW STANDARD – beautiful design for infectious disease control”.

We will be exhibiting a disinfectant stand jointly developed with Settsu Metal Industry at the exhibitions to be held in Tokyo and Osaka this fall. NEW NORMAL, NEW STANDARD – Beautiful Infection

We will hold an exhibition to receive orders for disinfectant stands.

We will be holding an exhibition to receive orders for a disinfectant stand [Submarine] developed with Settsu Metal Works (Higashi Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture). You can see the finished product and p