Serpentinata won the Silver Award at Design For Asia Award.

KAIRI EGUCHI DESIGN’s first in-house product, “Serpentinata”, has won the Silver Award at the Design for Asia Awards (commonly known as DFA Awards), a design award for socially consc

A alcohol stand is featured in the November 2020 issue of Shōten Kenchiku.

The November 2020 issue of Shoten Kenchiku, a magazine featuring the architecture and interior design of commercial facilities, introduces a disinfectant stand jointly developed with Settsu Metal Work

We appeared on NHK.

NHK Osaka Broadcasting Station’s weekday evening information program “News Hot Kansai” broadcasted an exhibition of product design for countermeasures against infectious diseases cal

The rental gallery will reopen.

※Example of a photo shoot using the gallery We will resume our gallery rental on the first floor of our company, which we had done in the spring. We will start taking reservations for the end of 2020.

We celebrated our 12th anniversary.

Thanks to your support, Kairi Eguchi Design has reached its 12th anniversary. In the 12th year, while we worked hard on several exhibitions and the development of our own products, it was a year of gr

Page Gallery’s e-commerce site is now open.

The e-commerce site of the design gallery [Page Gallery], where KAIRI EGUCHI DESIGN holds irregular exhibitions and talk shows, is now open. Currently, only 3D printed pens are available. We are plann

The online window is always open.

KAIRI EGUCHI DESIGN is always open for online consultation using ZOOM PRO. If you have any questions about product development or product design, please feel free to contact us. Please contact us by p

We produced a PR video for SERPENTINATA.

The promotional video for the 3D printed ballpoint pen [Serpentinata], the first original product of the gallery project [Page Galler] organized by KAIRI EGUCHI DESIGN, has been completed. We hope you

We produced a PR video for ALIGNLINE.

We produced a PR video for the Takeda Design Project, which produces the brand ALIGN LINE, which creates discipline in living spaces through design based on straight lines. We hope you enjoy it. YOUTU

Published in Designer’s FILE 2020.

KAIRI EGUCHI DESIGN is listed in the book [DESIGNER’S FILE 2020] which contains many designers who make products, interior, architecture and space in Japan. Click here to buy “Designers FI