The disinfectant stand “Submarine” won the Good Design Award in 2021.

The disinfectant stand “Submarine”, which was jointly developed by the metal processing company SETTSUKINZOKU KOUGYOSYO Co., Ltd. (Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture), and our company won the Good Design Award in 2021.


This product is made to replaces the disinfectant stand that was suddenly installed in many public facilities and restaurants during the corona pandemic, while maintaining the aesthetics of the space, preventing theft and accidental dropping of bottles, at the same time allowing a spare to be placed inside.

We are very pleased that the design was evaluated in this way, for what we thought was necessary for the times, by working with the local factory in Osaka in a difficult situation due to the corona disaster. I was a little relieved because I think it is a big role for me to be able to produce such results even from the town factory.

We would like to thank all the judges and everyone at SETTSUKINZOKU KOUGYOSYO Co., Ltd. for their coope