The final presentation of the Design Integration Promotion Project has been uploaded to YouTube.

The Kobe City Government has been working on the “Management and Design Integration Promotion Project” for the past four years. Nine companies in Kobe City and five designers from the Kansai region have teamed up to consider design management to survive the Corona disaster.

From the time we were matched last July until March of this year, KAIRI EGUCHI DESIGN has been working with Kyowa Shoji and Kikuya Shoten to find potential resources and seeds of innovation within the companies, mainly through dialogue, and use them to solve the problems the companies are facing.

The final presentation was live-streamed on March 17, and the video is archived on Youtube. The final presentation was live-streamed on March 17 and is archived on Youtube.

39:11 – Kyowa Shoji Co.
3:18:15 – Kikuya Shoten Co.

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[Management and Design Integration Promotion Project]

Organizer: Kobe City
General Direction: SASI DESIGN (Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture)
Participating companies in order of presentation
39:11- Kyowa Shoji Corporation
59:51~ Meriken Barbershop
1:18:44~ Soshinsha Corporation
1:38:45~ Totenkaku Corporation
1:59:22~ Naniwakonbu Corporation
2:16:47~ Niko Wave Co. 
2:38:58~ Adachi Corporation
2:59:23~ Tradestyle Inc.
3:18:15~ Kikuya Shoten Inc.

Participating designers, in no particular order
Saltco Corporation
Mill Inc.
・Breath Design